ADRC - Aging and Disability Resourse Center

Local contact for ADRC

Who Can Benefit from the ADRC?

The ADRC provides information, assistance and education on community services and long term care options for:  

   • Seniors (Age 60+) 

   • People with disabilities of all ages 

   • Family Members, caregivers and advocates for the above

What does the ADRC provide to you?

Option Counselors are available over the phone or through face-to-face meeting to assist eligible people and or their 

representative in making informed choices about the services or settings that best meet the persons needs.

Contact the local ADRC Representative at the AOWN office in Scottsbluff NE

For more information call the AOWN Central Office in Scottsbluff, NE to talk to our local ADRC representative.   

You can call or send an email to our office from our contact page to contact our ADRC representative.

Press to Contact your Local ADRC Representative

State of Nebraska ADRC

The State of Nebraska has a website through the Network of Care connecting all the ADRC offices across the State.

It also provides access to information and services across the State

Press to visit the Network of care website ADRC web page