Total Care Management - Medicaid Waiver

Medicare Options / Senior Care Options

The Aging Office of Western Nebraska is committed to “helping older Nebraskans find the right care at the 

right time”.  For individuals who are considering admission to a nursing home, community based services

may be an option so they may continue to stay at home.  Medicaid allows for persons who are aged 65 

and older and meet certain eligibility criteria to have the choice of entering the facility or receiving 

assistance in the home or another alternative to the nursing home.  This assistance should not be confused 

with Medicare benefits.  


   • Aged sixty five (65) or older. 

   • Medicaid eligible 

   • Nursing Home level of care. 

   • Cost of alternative care cannot exceed what Medicaid would pay for nursing facility care.  

An AOWN Case Coordinator will work in conjunction with the Nebraska Health and Human Services in the 

eligibility determination.  An assessment will be conducted to determine the appropriateness of this service 

arrangement, and the older person will have the final determination of care.

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